Prospecting for "free gold", can be pursued "wet" or "dry", in the mountains, deserts, or in and along rivers and streams that have washed native gold down the hills and into the washes, arroyos, gulches, and streams. The equipment you need to prospect is determined by the type, kind, and quality of your desired prospecting experience. "Newbies" usually start with minimum equipment, like a gold pan, classifiers, scoop, and buckets; then graduate to more sophisticated equipment.

However, you don't start prospecting with equipment. You start prospecting with knowledge. It is important to be well read about the subject before you embark on a treasure hunt. You need to know your subject, where you intend to search for it, the character of the terrain, and the process by which you expect to locate it. Otherwise you will waste a lot of time. That all starts at the "library".

SHTF America started its prospecting experience in this way and today owns very valuable mineral claims. We literally read scores of books about gold, gold prospecting, the history of mining, etc, etc, etc. before pursuing our quest for treasure. With that understanding, peruse the books at the link on the right, buy a couple, and start developing your knowledge base. Then buy your equipment!

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